It’d be worth it for 5—the same price I paid for its iPod predecessor. The gems from Bejeweled 3 found in the Plants vs. Zombies achivements list. An unused gem from the Java version of Diamond Mine, labelled “gem10”. An unused gem from the Java version of Diamond Mine, labelled “gem9”. An unused gem from the Java version of Diamond Mine, labelled “gem8”.

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  • Every orb converts to a butterfly upon reaching to the Kingdom of Light.
  • Special Gems are type of gems that contain special powers, and are created usually by matching four or more gems in a row.
  • Three scatter symbols will win you 15 free spins; four will yield 25 spins; and 5 scatter signs will result in a whopping 50 free spins.
  • With all of its super thrilling and quite appealing nature, Jewel Mania is a one of the best games like Bejeweled to play and enjoy.
  • Bejeweled 2, Blitz is being “retired” and will be replaced by a freemium version of Blitz and a brand-new, hi-res version of the game.

The original version can still be put back in the game as long as the player follows the instructions for replacing the game’s music files with custom tracks. A downloadable version of the game, Bejeweled Deluxe, was released on May 30, 2001 for Microsoft Windows, making it the first retail release of the game, and first retail release from PopCap. It is considered to be the first full release of the game. Play the sparkling match-3 game franchise that started it all, from EA and PopCap Games! Enjoy 60 seconds of exciting puzzles and with stunning Rare Gems and powerful Boosts in Bejeweled Blitz.

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Bejeweled 2, Blitz is being “retired” and will be replaced by a freemium version of Blitz and a brand-new, hi-res version of the game. The remaster has of course been made from the full quality, unpacked music project file. It is guaranteed to sound better than the in-game packed music file or the YouTube versions.

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If any Special Gems hit the Hypercube, it will clear the select gem the site normally without it being destroyed. This change makes it easier for the player to save them in most modes. When the Hypercube is swapped with any gem, it zaps and destroys all gems of the color swapped with on the board. You have one minute to score as much points as possible. Match quickly to increase your Speed Bonus and reach the Ignition Meter, for a chance to achieve Blazing Speed, where every matched gem explodes like a Flame Gem.

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Early versions of Bejeweled Blitz uses the Bejeweled 2 engine with its graphics and visualizers. Bejeweled Blitz has received critical acclaim throughout several years. The game has continued to receive updates after launch, with several new elements being added overtime. In 2018, the game went under a major redesign, to which the UI, visuals, music and mechanics were updated.

Although several different games have been released in the Bejeweled franchise, most include several different modes for various styles of play. Once such a chain is created, the jewels vanish from the board and new pieces are generated. Once the score is met, a new board with a different background appears. PopCap released a version for iOS in 2008, which would later be renamed to Bejeweled 2, Blitz following the addition of the Blitz game mode. Both versions would be discontinued following the release of Bejeweled Classic on each platform. Typing “nausea” during gameplay makes everything move like waves, including buttons, frames and the background, except the gems.

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You must try it out if you really want to play games that are a bit different to the typical Match-3 games. Atlantis Sky Patrol is playable on Window, Mac OS X, iOS and Android devices. Candy Blast Mania is another fun filled Match-3 type Puzzle video game for all the fans of this specific genre.

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It becomes available when any four of Virago Ceti’s five puzzles have been solved. You might have some issues getting Ante up in Poker, Diamond, Mine takes a lot of luck, and butterfly Bonanza will be a fun one, rest will just take time. However, with the Blitz style controls, you can press X O Triangle and Square to rotate the piece a certain way, slightly simplifying the process, you can also use the right analog stick to swap a certain way. Or if you prefer, you can use the Click X, drag your piece, like PC users are used to. Unfortunatly, I have not figured out how to get a mouse to work with Bejeweled 3, so you can’t even use that as an option.